SAM MOrrison (aka Sammo) was raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan and now resides in Vicksburg, Michigan. By day Sammo is a commercial artist. By night he's a guerrilla artist placing his bold drawings and paintings in public places for people to find, keep and enjoy.

The act of leaving free art for people to find and keep is frequently called “guerrilla art” or “street art”. (Not to be confused with graffitti). Despite it’s subversive name, Sammo's 'guerrilla art is family friendly and non-destructive. His drawings on paper and paintings on cardboard are created for people to take home and enjoy.

Rarely will you find Sammo’s paintings or drawings hanging in galleries. Instead you can find his art slid between the slats of a public benches or propped against alley walls. In truth, the “streets” are Sammo’s gallery.

Through his network of other guerrilla artists worldwide, Sammo’s art has been seen on the streets of Israel, Austria, Brazil, Spain, New Zealand, Northern Ireland and England.

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  • Example

    If you'd like to see Sammo's drawing process click the video clips below:

    How to Draw a Pirate

    How to Draw a Deer